The Electronic Questionnaire EQU can display digital questionnaires in FHIR format. Patients can answer the assigned questionnaires, edit answers and send them via an input mask. Survey results can be retrieved in real time and made available to the physician in tabular or graphical form, e.g. for a patient-doctor consultation. More information can be found at:
Requirements: current browser, initial internet access - following also available offline

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Patient information can be transferred from the hospital information system. Processes can be automated. Stored questionnaires can be easily assigned to patients and displayed in the required language.
Requirements: current browser, internet access
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The Virtual Tumor Board VITU is a software for the support of tumor conferences. The four modules work list, conference planner, video conference and documentation support participants in the preparation, planning, execution and documentation of tumor boards. A special focus of VITU is the molecular tumor board as a special role among tumor boards. More information can be found at:
Requirements: current Firefox or Chrome, microphone, camera, internet access
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